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Posters – Art of the People in the Street and in the Stations




I have selected posters of the different countries represented on my layout which would have appeared - in the streets, on station platforms, on walls - in June of 1914.  I photograph reproductions of the posters on 35mm color negative film, framing each one so that the images on the negatives, in 1/87th scale, are of precisely the dimensions of the original as it appeared full size.  Then, a sheet of contact prints is made from the negatives. The resulting miniature posters are of the finest possible quality at a very reasonable price because one can produce 37 different posters on a single contact sheet.

The posters on the German ”Litfasssaeulen” – the advertising pillars erected by Dr, Litfass in the nineteenth century - are first assembled to fit the pillar. A color copy is then made of the assembly on paper thin enough to be wrapped easily round the column.










The “Sarajevo 1914 Collection”, begun in 1979, has been and continues to be assembled
in partnership with Ingrid Bitter, Director MC W. Schueler, Stuttgart

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