Departure of a Hungarian Nobleman from the Salzburg Hauptbahnhof

Departure from Salzburg Hauptbahnhof
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The scene includes one carriage built with an American kit (on the left), the other scratch-built by myself using the very elegant ”Highway Miniatures” wheels. The figures are all based on Preiser products. The scabbards are of silver, the sword slings of copper soldered to the silver. Caps and other items are built-up with modeling putty.

The noble gentleman, facing his wife who is seated in the carriage on the right, is wearing the star and sash of the Hungarian order of St. Stephen. He is being saluted in farewell by an equerry, captain of an Austrian dragoon regiment.  Beside him on the step, pulling on a glove, is a major of Austrian Infantry Regiment Nr. 59, the so-called ”House” regiment of Salzburg. He will soon admonish the two cavalrymen in conversation – a hussar and a dragoon – for not saluting the Hungarian count.

The adaptation, or conversion, of figures that are only a few millimeters high requires long experience and even longer patience. To create a scene such as this, one must also be expert in military uniforms because it isn’t worthwhile to spend two days – or longer - on a single figure unless its uniform or costume is entirely correct.

The “Sarajevo 1914 Collection”, begun in 1979, has been and continues to be assembled
in partnership with Ingrid Bitter, Director MC W. Schueler, Stuttgart

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