Typical Trains of every Kingdom

   The ennoblement of a Liliput Goods Wagon

English speakers are familiar with the royal warrant of the British Court: ”By appointment, purveyors of ”whatever” to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.  The warrant is surmounted by the Queen’s coat-of-arms.

In 2005, Liliput produced a goods wagon that carries a German royal warrant of the 1914-era: Hensel Brothers, Purveyors of Sausages to the Grand Ducal Court of Baden in Karlsruhe.  In the lower right corner of the wagon is a reproduction of the Grand Ducal coat-of-arms. The text is excellent; the coat-of-arms, however, looks as though Walt Disney designed it.  You can see in the photo that I have covered the childishly printed ”Wappen” with a brass, photoetched coat-of-arms of the Grand Duchy of Baden made by Herr Beckert in Dresden.  Herr Beckert’s work is precisely the correct size and superbly executed. It creates a far better impression than the original, printed by Liliput’s workers in China

Liliput    Liliput detail

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The “Sarajevo 1914 Collection”, begun in 1979, has been and continues to be assembled
in partnership with Ingrid Bitter, Director MC W. Schueler, Stuttgart

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